Dashboard Vision launches its Datafin app and Rebrands!

Dashboard Vision launches its new SaaS Platform for market research analysis and rebrands as Datafin!

Dashboard Vision is excited to announce the launch of its new technology platform and company rebranding. We have been Dashboard Vision for nearly 10 years and while our mission is still to offer our customers the best reporting solutions, we think Datafin more accurately describes the capabilities of our new SaaS platform. Our new platform accelerates the transformation of large-scale, raw survey data into powerful insights for market research agencies so they can quickly and easily explore their data, answer ad hoc queries, build reports, and allow clients self-service data access. So we’re much, much more than dashboards now, and that’s a good thing! Datafin’s Analysis Boards give you both a powerful data tool and flexible data presentation all in one Platform.

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Marya Kaska is the co-founder of Dashboard Vision. Marya brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Datafin clients. Her professional interests include data visualisation, computer-human interaction, UX methods, and learning research. In her free time, she volunteers teaching English, practices yoga and meditation and tries to bike instead of driving.

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