Our Story

Our origin story began in 2013 when Marya Kaska with her knowledge of market research and business reporting began a consultancy called Dashboard Vision. Over the decade that followed, the company took part in the evolution of online reporting. Whether it was dashboards, user experience, infographics or presentation tools, we built, learned from our customers, tested and built again.

Building great software became part of our DNA and our team of software engineers expanded to data gurus, market research specialists, UX enthusiasts and project managers.  But we knew we had to focus on one aspect of the data to insights process and do it well. Customers were telling us that getting insights fast and being able to deliver them flexibly were becoming critical to their business. So we built a brand new platform with a core service that helps you explore data quickly, configure and reuse analyses, share them and export to a wide variety of output services.​

“I guess you can say the ‘vision’ in Dashboard Vision changed so we created Datafin to better match our new mission.

Our mission

Empowering market research analysts and their clients to transform data quickly and easily into insights so they can make better decisions, faster.

Our Values

We work
as a team

We value diversity

We act with empathy

We favor simplicity

We foster growth

We care for the community

Our Team

Marya Kaska
CEO & Co-founder

With over 20 years of professional experience in market research, IT, and data reporting, Marya brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Datafin clients. Her professional interests include data visualisation, computer-human interaction, UX methods, and learning research. In her free time, she volunteers teaching English, practices yoga and meditation and tries to bike instead of driving.

Tibor Darabont
CFO & Co-founder

Tibor drives Datafin’s strategic growth, business development and account management using his 30 plus years of experience working in finance, sales and management at global companies such as Intel and Cisco. Tibor spends his free time with community activities and is an avid table tennis player.

Mark Nye

Mark provides technology strategy and leadership for Datafin’s cloud analytics platform and related software development efforts. He comes to Datafin with a broad range of technology experience, including architecting large campus IT services at the University of Illinois, and serving as a core academic advisory board member at Box.com. In his free time, Mark enjoys travel, photography, filmmaking, cooking, and music.

CJ Holcomb
Product Owner

CJ has over a decade of experience in building and launching state-of-the-art analytics platforms, and has a background in public opinion, market research, data science, and CX. He has worked for organizations of all types, including fortune 500 companies, scrappy startups, and the U.S. Senate. He also directs programming for the local art and community center in his hometown of Oakland, CA.







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